IMG_0002_1In the world of Corporate Gifts, a premium can achieve many things and be used for many purposes.

You can use a custom printed item of stationary, (like a custom printed calculator) as a useful item that your customer / client will keep on their desk – seeing your number and logo every time they use it.

Or you can create something that you feel represents your brand, and have your sales, account servicing, technicians or other personnel give it away as an introduction to the brand. This can be anything from a custom printed pen, to a document folder, to a customized model or a novelty item like a custom printed teddy bear or toy.

IMG_0068_1Another way to go about it is to create a collectible item to celebrate an anniversary, or the winning of a certification or award.  Many times a special item will be created, both as a celebration by a leading brand and as a way to inform customers of a new product or service, or the winning of an award. (at Eventus Gifts, our design arm can also help with new logo creation).

There’s an endless list of occasions where your company, profit and branding will benefit from giving a custom made corporate premium – and Eventus Gifts is a partner with the depth of experience and breadth of knowledge to partner with you in creating that ideal item.