Q : What Customisations are Available for a Gift?

The customisations that you can make to your door gift / corporate gift or gift with purchase are really only limited by your imagination. Even items that are mass manufactured, (such are Portable Power Banks, USB Adaptors or Travel Adaptors) can be printed with your own logo or slogan by our professional printers using hot stamping, screen print, embossing or other similar print methods (depending upon the material the item is made of).

For items that we custom make for you in one of our supplier factories, the customizations that you can make are really endless – items can be created in your corporate colours, “magic cubes” (rubiks cubes) can be made with your product photos, we can insert radios into a custom made cushion (as we did in this corporate gift for starhub) and we can even get creative as a premium used by Dairy Farm Group (Cold Storage) with this custom made notepad.

We have also created lego style gift sets for people to make themselves as a more creative corporate gift to get your customers involved in the process and communicate a bit of fun at the same time.

Q : Can I make a gift to my own design?

YES – if you have an idea in mind of what you would like to do, we have a number of custom manufacturing facilities that can make a gift to your own personal design, colours and in some cases, materials. The best idea here is to talk to one of our professional consultants about what it is you want to do and we can create a truly unique and different door gift or corporate premium to amaze your customers.

Some of the more unique corporate gifts that we have made include this custom made notepad, that was created for Dairy Farm Group, this Plush Blackberry that was a gift with purchase to promote a new BlackBerry model or this “Lego Style” model plane that was part of an order from Google.

At Eventus Gifts we are also able to custom make t-shirts, caps and other apparels totally to your design, which is something that is great for team or corporate identity.

Q : Is there a way I can measure the success of a gift?

Measuring the success of a corporate gift is often difficult. How do you put a value on “top of mind recall” or “mindshare”?

It is also difficult to separate out the effect of the customsied promotional item / gift with purchase from other factors – for example, was the promotion a success or failure due to items other than the customized premium – such as advertising, competitors promotions or other outside factors.

Having said that, one way to measure the success is to include customized packaging with your company gift or sales promotion that goes a unique email, website or phone number. This way you can track exactly how many people have contacted you as a result of your creative corporate gift.

Q : What gift should I give?

Exactly what you want to give as a corporate gift, what should be given as a suitable door gift and how you want to be portrayed as through your gift with purchase is really up to you. The choices of what can be given are really endless – even the most basic of items, such as pens or notepads can be customized with your corporate branding.

Others prefer to have something fully custom made – such as this custom made notepad from Dairy Farm Group that was a wildly successful premium.

If you have a particular goal in mind, what not speak to one of our professional and friendly consultants about what you want to achieve, your budget, and your delivery timeline and then we can set about creating or suggesting something especially for you – just as we did with this custom made plush that was a sales promotion for Starhub.

Q : Can I make a series of gifts on a single theme?

YES you can – we are able to vary items by colour or by character. To make something in a collectible series has worked very well for McDonalds – and it also works very well as ongoing gift with purchase promotions for regular purchases.

Q : Do you offer storage?

If you are concerned about whether you have space at your office for your corporate gift we have a number of options. We can either store at our premises and then deliver progressively on your schedule (for a fee), we can also deliver directly to your clients / customer / satellite offices as part of a logistics service that makes your company gift buying easy and fuss free.

Q : How long will it take for my gift to be delivered?

The delivery timeline for your corporate gift or custom made premium depends largely on exactly what it is that you order. Whether it is a “standard” item that you customize by printing your logo or slogan or something that we commission especially for your corporate brand. It will also depend on whether we are creating a new logo for you or whether you are using an existing design.

For simple items, such as Pens with your logo – these can be delivered within only a few days of order, items such as custom printed umbrellas or custom polo shirts can be as short as two weeks from confirmation of order.

For more complex items – 4-6 weeks from confirmation of order is often sufficient to complete your design and then have the item custom made. However, we strongly recommend that you speak to one of our professional consults about your delivery timeline.

In our experience we also find that when you plan your corporate gift giving well ahead for Singapore’s Holidays – such as Hari Raya Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Chinese New Year Ang Pows and National Day celebratory items the results tend to be much better – giving you a more unique item that makes a much better and longer lasting impression on you audience. This is, after all, the entire reason you are giving a corporate gift in the first place.

Q : Can you help with logo design for my gift?

YES. We have a professional, experienced and creative logo design service that can work all manner of magic when it comes to creating a new logo for your use. This could be an anniversary logo, one to celebrate a special achievement (such as an award) or it could be updating an existing logo to reflect a change in circumstances – such as the achievement of trademark, ISO certification or similar.

To go with your logo, we are also able to create an full suite of Corporate Identity from letterheads, to namecards and all the rules of use that go with them.

Q : What sort of printing is best for a gift? How will my gift be packaged?

This will depend largely on the gift and your preferences – for items intended for individuals, such as document folders, leather travel document holders and similar stationary items we are able to package into custom made individual boxes – even down to personalizing with your customer name if you wish.

For more generic items such as pens, fridge magnets or similar we are able to delivery in bulk or have them poly bagged depending upon your preference.

If you are looking to create a fully themed and bespoke goody bag – we are able to pack and deliver this to your address at your convenience.

In reality – how you package you gift, whether it be in bulk packaging or in custom made an personalized boxes will depend upon what you are looking to achieve and the nature of your company gift. Our professional consultants can talk to you further about this.

Q : Can I insert a message into the package of my gift?

Yes you can – here we have three options

a) We can open the existing packaging, insert your special message and then reseal the package
b) We can custom make bespoke packaging for your corporate gift to really deliver that special feeling of exclusivity and importance
c) We can print a short message / image directly onto your gift.

Whichever method your choose, and which works best to get the most out of your corporate gift, we have experienced and creative designers standing by that can give you detailed artwork, and we do offer a sample service so that you can touch and feel your corporate gift before giving the go ahead for the full production run.

Q : Can my gift be personalized for an individual?

YES – if you are able to provide individual details of each of your customers / intended recipients of your corporate premium or company gift, we are able to individually print and package the gift for a specific person.

We are also able to customize your gift packaging and send it directly to your customer if you prefer.

Q : Why do you have a Minimum Order Quantity?

We have a number of manufacturing facilities that we work with. The need for a minimum order quantity is often to make it economic and worthwhile to create a special production run for your customized corporate gift.

Q : How much should I budget for a Goody Bag?

We can create items such as custom printed pens, stickers or fridge magnets for only a few cents each, or for a themed collection of corporate gifts we create a series of gifts that matches your budget and in interesting and engaging for your audience.

We should also remember to pay close attention to the bag containing your corporate gift or door premium – here, we can create non-woven bags, jute bags or custom make paper bags to your specifications so that your logo can be seen on the front of the bag and you enjoy the full mobile branding effect of giving away a corporate gift bearing your company branding.

Q : Can I theme a goody bag?

YES – there are a number of ways of theming a goody bag with Corporate Gifts. It could be that we create a series of items, such as a notepad, pen, document pouch, and thumdrive all with the same logo, colour scheme and printed with the event name to give as a door gift of a sign-up bonus for an event or something similar.

We are also able to “theme” for the nature of the event. For instance, for an aviation related event, we could create a custom made “aeroplane” stress ball, a helicopter thumdrive, a parachute toy, a magic cube with your company products / logo on it and a pen with your slogan. And not forgetting that we are able to customize the actual bag itself as part of your goody bag experience.

If you want to discuss ideas on a comprehensive solution, where Eventus Gifts provides an end to end service, it can include everything from the creation of a special logo for your event, to printing of t-shirts for event staff or as a door gift, custom gifts for the goody bag, agenda and related material printing and also banner creation.

Q : What gifts are good for a dinner and dance?

What works best as a door gift or company gift for a D&D will depend largely on your audience. Some fail safe ideas, that always seem to prove very popular and are also very easy to manage within most budgets include things that help in someone’s work – such as company branded, high quality stationary or document folders. Other items, if you have a strong team atmosphere and pride are custom made polo shirts, or custom printed caps for staff that are often outdoors. Some current very popular items include customized powerbanks give the high prevalence of power sucking smart phones around now.

We have also seen good results from custom printed hoodys or jackets for cold offices, corporate notepads for those that are often outside for meetings, drink bottles for both outdoor and office staff and the related item of customized mugs / drink containers.

If you want to get other ideas for what will work well for the Dinner and Dance theme that you have planned, why not give our experienced corporate gift professionals a call for a more complete consultation where we can show you corporate gift / door gift samples and get a better understanding of what will work for you.