Singapore is a society laden with tradition. As a cultural melting pot, we celebrate the customs, holidays, occasions and festivals of many different cultures – ranging from Chinese New Year, to Deepavali, passing by Hari Raya, Christmas, Easter and Lantern Festival along the way.

Each of these festivals is an opportunity to not only show appreciation to your customers with a customized corporate gift, it is also an opportunity to communicate the culture of your company by running a special promotion with collectible gifts, and other customized premiums that have been customized with your corporate branding.

Along with the traditions and festivals that we enjoy and celebrate in Singapore, there are also a growing number of very well supported charity, sports and cultural events that give you further opportunities to get your branding out there and say something about the company.

For example, you could sponsor a team from the office to take part in the Standard Chartered Marathon and create customized shirts for them, or you could be a part of the Annual Terry Fox run with and create a running strip, comprising caps, shirts, socks and towel. Alternatively the annual event for Singapore’s National Day is a great chance for a special birthday “Gift with Purchase” such as a momento or a chance to create special packaging.

Read more about our traditions to get ideas on what sorts of corporate gifts might be ideal for your celebration – alternatively, if you want to create a special gift to celebrate a landmark occasion / anniversary or achievement for your company, why not speak to one of our professional consultants about how we can customize gifts to your specific needs.

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