Door Gifts

Door Gifts, (also referred to as goody bags) will most often be given to participants in an event, conference, launch, store opening or even a seminar.

There are three main reasons for giving a door gift, with the exact gift depending on the purpose

a)      Reward people for attending
b)      Reinforce the Company Branding
c)       Inform of products / services (especially new ones)

To manage the budget carefully, many organisations will work with their partners and suppliers to have the door gift, sponsored, with a range of corporate premiums, custom toys, branded gifts being combined into a goody bag that is customized with the event orgainser logo or the event name.

One such bag is the “I Love Sin” bag, while items such as the courtesy lion noisemaker, DHL Custom Teddy or AJC Custom printed Teddy are all items that can be placed inside.

One item that is particularly common as a door gift or corporate premium for press conferences, store openings or to celebrate the launch of a new product service is a custom made thumb-drive.  This is valued because you can pace information, presentations, artist renderings or product data sheets onto the thumb drive for people to read at their leisure at a later date.

At Eventus Gifts we are able to offer both a writing / designing service to help you to create such materials, and also can then copy it to your custom made thumb-drive, leaving you free to concentrate on making your event a huge success.

For more on how we can create something special, that will be a treasured reminder of a successful event, talk to one of our consultants about creating a customized door gift, or what other services we can offer to make your premium and goody bag special and personal.