National Day

You’ll see a sea of red!! Happening every year on August 9 every year, and it has built into a grand occasion loved by all.

Falling on a National Holiday, and marking Singapore’s separation from (what is now) Malaysia, many take the opportunity to celebrate with each other.  National day tickets are always hotly sought after and are greatly treasured.

There are few traditions that are built around National Day – but some important ideas do take foot.

The first is that all Singaporeans are encouraged to wear red for the day – so if you are preparing any sort of corporate giveaway or premium, PWP or GWP – a great choice would be a red t-shirt, congratulating Singapore and adding your brand’s logo into the custom shirt printing.

Other ideas often see people using all sorts of fans to keep themselves cool along the inevitable parade route – so a novelty fan or similar printed with your logo would be very much appreciated.

Beyond this, we are just encouraged to enjoy National Day to the fullest – particularly the impressive fireworks display that invariably marks the end of the extranvaganza