For many of us, giving a corporate gift, thank-you, door gift or a special anniversary giveaway is an irregular occasion – fraught with stress.  For those that give gifts regularly, the challenge is not in finding quality gifts, but rather in doing something new and memorable that will make an impression on the recipient – something that at once represents your branding positioning and will also strengthen your brand recall and mind-share.

This is where Eventus Gifts can assist you.  As experienced corporate gifts, premiums, door gifts and gift with purchase consultants we can help you to answer all those questions that you might have.

Some of the common questions we get asked would include:

  • Can I customize my corporate gift? (the answer is yes)
  • What should I give?
  • How should I present it to my client?
  • What about warranties for electronic items?
  • Where should I put my logo?
  • How can I customize my corporate gift?
  • Can this be part of a collectible series?
  • Can I create something entirely new that has not been seen in Singapore before?

We have the answers to the above questions and more.  Our professional, friendly and creative Corporate Gifts Consultancy always starts with the key question – what do you want to achieve from your corporate gift, and then we move on from there.

We work with you at every single step of the process – not only to ensure the utmost quality, but to also guarantee that get an awesome gift under budget and ahead of schedule.  The sort of item that will keep your customers and stakeholders talking about you and achieve your marketing and branding goals.