Corporate Gifts

A custom printed corporate gift can be almost anything imaginable – from customized golf balls, to IT products with your logo printed (items such as powerbanks, thumbdrives or chargers) to printed apparel to bags.

The trick is not in coming up with a corporate gift – but in finding one that matches your identity, will be a hit with your customers / clients, meets your budget and says something about who you are. This is the Eventus Gifts difference – not only do we have a wide range of items, supplemented by an experienced and professional sourcing team, but we also have highly experienced consultants who are able to work with you to identify the ideal gift, premium, door gift, gift with purchase, account manager giveaway or memorabilia.

Expert designers who can either create a special logo for you, or incorporate your logo into an attractive, professional and memorable design also make a world of difference.

We are proud of our portfolio and more than happy to share our high quality work with you. Some samples of what we can do are:
1. Google Beach Ball
2. Google Office Move
3. Starhub and Blackberry