Mini Flashlight

Do you want to project a fun, lively and active image through the use of corporate gifts?  This mini flashlight, that can be engraved with your name or have you logo custom printed on it may well be just the right option for you.

Attractive silver casing that can be custom engraved or printed, this mini flashlight runs on 2AA sized batteries.  We also have the option of including custom messages, flyers or brochures into the packaging – with you own logo, product listing or simply a thankyou.

This corporate gift works particularly well for engineering services companies – or with a creative message such as “Light Up Your Office” can work as a quirky or unusual gift in an office environment.  Is also popular as a custom sign up gift for those that arrange events like church camps to other countries and self-drive holidays.

Other alternatives to this corporate gift, or a good item to partner with it include our First Aid Kit or our Phone charger.

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