Portable Phone Charger

As the smartphone has become more common – so have the power demands.  For the busy executive on the go, a portable charger can be a real advantage.  And as a corporate gift can be very very popular – particularly when you emblazon it with your corporate logo or custom print a special message or reminder.  Some of the suggestions for printing onto this customisable travel charger include your phone number, facebook page, a message or a specially designed anniversary logo.

This corporate gift can be given by a very wide range of brands, products and companies for excellent results in terms of recall and mindshare.  It is also an excellent way to drive incremental purchases on either an e-commerce site or as a celebratory gift with purchase premium.

Many organisations will also give this portable charger to increase convenience for travelling staff, as access to charging facilities on the road may not be so common – two related items that you may consider if that is the case are our Leather Passport Holder or our Custom Printed Travel Adaptor.

Product Code EG_Charger1
Product Color Black, Silver, Blue
Price Range S$ 10-15
Minimum Quantity 100